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Adoption in Ghana

Love Lane Adoption Agency provides information on both local and intercountry adoptions. We can also assist you with both processes of adoption. Be it a relative or non-relative adoption, Love Lane Adoption Agency will help you through.

What is adoption?

The simplest way of defining it is that adoption is a way of providing a child who needs a family with a new family. Adoption is a socio-legal procedure that transfers the parental responsibilities for a child to an adoptive parent. Once an adoption order has been granted, it cannot be reversed unless in very rare circumstances.

Types of adoption in Ghana

There are two types of adoptions. Relative and Non-Relative adoption. A relative adoption is where the Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP) and the child have filiations through blood, adoption, or marriage. A non-relative adoption is where the PAP and the child have no filiations.

Who can be adopted?

An adoptable child is a child who:

  • Is under the age of 18
  • Has been abandoned or has been relinquished to the state by his or her parents or relatives and needs a permanent family
  • Is under a Care Order by the courts and cannot be kept in or reunited with his or her family
  • Relevant consents for adoption have been obtained for.

Who can adopt?

To qualify to adopt, the PAP must meet the following requirements:

  • Not less than 25 years old and at least 21 years older than the child and not more than 55 years old (50 years old for non-Ghanaian) at the time of placement of the child, for non-relative adoptions and not more than 65 years old for a relative adoption
  • Has been declared medically fit
  • Has not been convicted of any child related offenses
  • Has a suitable means of livelihood

It must also be noted that in Ghana, married couples may jointly apply or may with the consent of their spouse, singly apply to adopt. Females who are single and are Ghanaian or resident in Ghana, may apply to adopt. Males however may not apply to adopt unless they are adopting their biological son, or the court deems that there are special circumstances. Same sex couples may not adopt from Ghana.

The Adoption Procedure

A person who wishes to adopt a child in Ghana must follow the following procedure:

  • The applicant must obtain information on their eligibility and/or suitability to undertake the adoption process from the CAA, the DSW, an adoption agency or a lawyer.
  • The applicant may then obtain an adoption application form from their local DSW office and apply to adopt.
  • Applicants must then submit all the required paperwork to the CAA and pay the adoption application fee. The paperwork to submit include but are not limited to the applicant’s marriage certificate, birth certificate, medical report, and proof of finances.
  • Once an application has been received by the CAA, the applicant must submit a home study report. The applicant may be required to undertake adoption training if necessary.
  • The applicant will then be added to the roaster of PAPs suitable to adopt in Ghana and shall remain on that list until the CAA matches the applicant with a suitable child.

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